Social Network

I know this is nothing to do with fashion however I think this is something that affects fashion and how people think of themselves.

Social networking.

Now when I was in secondary school and going through my 'emo' phase I was all about Myspace, you would spend hours re-doing your profile making sure you had the right backgrounds and songs and people would continuously comment on your embarassing photos with nice comments. You could be one of a kind.

However now, I sit on Facebook and read endless comments of people making horrible remarks about people, horrible remarks about their friends, families and constantly commenting on how people look or how they've dressed on nights out. There are photos of everything personal in peoples lives from weddings to christenings.

Facebook should be a place to network (I get that) post your blog on it or upload yourself show casing a talent but I think there is a point that has been hit recently where Facebook has turned into people being able to take a cowardly way out of standing up for themselves. I am sure that the creator of Facebook didnt create this site for people to make their lives or other peoples live to sound bad. I am the first to admit that since starting university i have posted status' and bombarded my Facebook with comments of wanting to go home but, once i have realised that nobody truly wants to read that, it is deleted. The worst type of sympathy is the sympathy that people feel pressured to give.




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