If you have to cry, go outside

Kelly Cutrone is possibly the ballsiest woman in fashion. Yet by being that ballsy she has one of the best and most recognised businesses and jobs in fashion. She is a PR and works on promoting any new or established designers that ask her to promote their new collections or designs. She has her AMAZING tv show Kell on Earth and is everything you need to be to get on in the fashion world!

Plus she also helped Whitney Port (my favourite rags to riches designer)

I have started to read her new book "If you have to cry, go outside!" It is AMAZING!
Its sort of a step by step guide through her life to how she got where she is today. All be it a very very VERY scary road!

She's a legend of PR and definitely stands by her rule of going outside to cry.
She is also one of very few people who dedicate their lives to fashion and still manage to have a 100% family orientated life.



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