Style in the City

I love The City and The Hills and everything to do with Lauren Conrad or Whitney Port (as much as I blame them for my high expectations of my career in fashion) 

The only person I really cannot stand when watching these shows in Olivia Palermo. I think she is a prime example of a person who will do anything and tread on anybody to get where she wants to be and to be honest, she is not doing anywhere near as well as the other girls. 


Her taste in jewellery is remarkable!
I know it sounds like an odd thing to notice but I have now spent my time watching the city completely ignoring what she is saying and looking at her hands to see her combination of rings or which combination of huge necklaces she manages to combine and the over size gems of beautiful handbags she carries. 

This outfit makes me want to cry, nice clothes always happen to horrible people!

I love here how she works proportions, using wide leg trousers and balancing them with her oversized necklace. Still managing to compliment her petite frame.

She is a prime example of bringing style into the city!