Asos, love you lots.

Asos is one of those online shops that needs word of mouth to get about. I remember my first dress I purchased of Asos, one dress it took for me to fall in love with this DIVINE online taste of quick shop heaven!
I know it sounds odd but I also love the amount of people who say "I cant be bothered to sit and look on Asos" when you have that slight satisfaction that you are indeed, wearing something beautiful from Asos!

I have to admit I am not a fan of their new "Market place" it doesn't say Asos to me. The theme of the website is to be celebrity influenced and not vintage, It just does not float my fashion boat. 


Introducing the new Spring/Summer range. WOW.

The entire collection follows these beautiful marketing images. I love the pleating trend. It is the cutest trend to have hit catwalks and high street for a long time. Pleated skirts, dresses, tops anything. It is a stunning trend. 

They then followed this up by posting their amazing collage of muses that inspire the designers of this collection. This image is a one of a kind combination of muses.

My advice?
Do take the time for Asos.

Love you lots Asos xoxo


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