Girly at it's best.....

Diane von Furstenberg.
Furstenberg is the epitome of a designer for girly girls. She produces endless streams of beautiful floral clothes and amazing bags making her collections perfect of the typical girl. She is also responsible for pushing Whitney Port into her career of styling. Being a brief star of The City, Furstenberg was seen giving Whitney a heart to heart. Now I know it was because she was upset and everything but a heart to heart with one of the worlds best designers is a heart to heart I would LOVE. Her advice?
 "The most important relationship you have is the relationship with yourself"

She obviously follows this as all of her passion goes into her stunning designs. 

Once again, my purse cries.

I would quite happily have all of these in my life. 
This outfit that has been styled on net-a-porter is a must have! Its a perfect mix of geek chic and classic style. I WANT.


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