Model magic

Now I know I have already blogged about The Model Agency but I completely take back what I said in my previous blog about India being the agencys best new face. After watching last night she stupidly missed a skype session with MARIO TESTINO. (Yes really) because of 'mis-communication'. Im sorry but EXCUSE ME!?

I have never seen a young girl thats been thrown into such an amazing life be so un grateful. She came home from New York fashion week, decided to quit modelling and missed the chance to talk to one of the worlds best photographers because she got told she couldnt put on weight. Shes a model....shes isnt allowed to put on weight!


Along came Leomie Anderson.
The one they thought would want to come home crying from New York and wouldnt flourish in the industry......last night she was walking for Marc Jacobs. Flying from London to Paris and being escorted to the bathroom to prevent agencies sweet talking her. Talk about high flying.

Shes also been referred to in the same group as Naomi Campbell as being one of the most sought after english black girls in the modelling world. 

The most humbling part of it all?
When asked what she would buy after being paid £75,000 for her Paris catwalks?
"I would buy my mum a house and have it decorated for her, its something we've never been able to afford'



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