Old fashioned Glamour

One of my favourite magazines is Glamour. It has been gracing the fashion lovers worlds since 2001 and I have been a devoted follower (since I was old enough to be allowed to read some of the articles) So I decided to dig up the first few editions just to see if we've hit the time for trends to be repeating themselves. 

In the very first issue its hard to say whether Kate Winslet would be captured in such an au natural way nowadays.

In 2001 issues the trends were focusing on Britney inspired chokers and anything lace. Ok so maybe lace has come back into style but I think its safe to say that Britney is no longer a role model in the fashion world in 2011.

2006 started to highlight the faces of fashion that would stick around for a long time. Beyonce graced the covers and has continued to grace numerous covers of numerous magazines ever since. 

It is quite funny to realise how times are changing.



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