Top of the shops.

I know everybody loves Topshop and believe me I am close to Olivia Palermo standards of worshipping the place but they have out done themselves this season. Browsing through the pages of the website and wandering through the shop is a ridiculously painful but beautiful thing.
Traditionally Topshop but this dress is actually limited edition and I will admit to trying it on being fully aware that 1. I will never have an occasion to wear this and 2. I will never have the money to buy this.

For cute summer going out clothes, this is gorgeous and not too far off a Chloe re-make?
This is an amazing colour and the best sort of top to cover up any "oops I ate too much" moments!
Looking through my picks, everything resembles the same girly elements of Chloe, I think this is a sign that I should be treated by somebody to ANYTHING Chloe :). Everything is stunning!

Nothing needs to be explained here.
There could be much more but im sure this is enough to wet the appetite!



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