A black and white affair

Now I am one of those people who hasn't got a "colour" or a "style" that I always go for. Anything I buy has to be different from other things I own because I never want to look like im wearing the same thing twice (sad but true) This posed a difficult problem when it came to be having a job where I needed to wear black and white.

I know what you're thinking, "Black and white is easy to find" But NO. Not wanting to look like everybody else in black and white meant a 2 days long hunt for black and white clothes. 

After hours and hours I eventually found some!

So I am going to reveal my gems :)

Topshop tapered trousers

Topshop white racer back vest

Topshop floral t-shirt

Urban outfitters

It may not be many but with a bit of mix and matching and a few of Topshops finest basics you will never have to wear the same thing twice!