A fashionable affair

I am sat here, glass of wine wrapped up with my puppy in my chunky aran cardigan. (Yes im 20 and its a Saturday night but I've had a good few weekends out) anyway...I was thinking what influences people with their fashion? I mean I have people that I look up to for fashion ideas, famous people influence me yet I wander how well I can really reflect these trends. I mean I am no Sienna Miller or Alexa Chung (as much as I wish I was) and do I really want to immitate them in a bad way? I would rather worship what they wear how they wear it.

Well I went shopping today and had an over whelming sense of pride when I saw that in Topshops window display was an outfit I had purchased last week. The outfit was not put together in the shop and I LOVED the fact that I had proof that I had made a good choice.

But when it comes to a basic budget can our affair with fashion be as great and grand as those with big budgets to blow?

I sit here waiting for 6 months and 6 days until my 21st birthday graces me with a Mulberry bag or Rose gold Marc Jacob watch.


I will wait for a lifetime



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