A loyalty to fashion

A while ago I posted a bit of a rant about facebook. I am now sat here having flicked through facebook and seen people talking to people they use to hate, people talking behind backs and people generally not being very nice. SO this made me think, what is it that people are eventually ever going to be loyal about? I think I know.


When you think about all of the style icons in the world today, they are constant examples of true style. They never suddenly step out in a pair of sweatpants and a primark hoody.

Prove it I hear you say?

Look back at Kate Moss. From her very first shoots she was famous for her James Brien styled hair, her quirky features and her rock and roll attitude to life and fashion. She always rocks her skinny jeans and tanks and can easily mix it up with her own beautiful topshop creations. Never ever is Moss seen 'slobbing' around. A true loyalty to fashion is to keep fashion on you at all times.

Now not comparing myself to any style icon whatsoever but I know myself that I would rather sit at home and still be in my topshop clothes than sat feeling horrible in sweats.

I think loyalty proves itself in fashion. And fashion is the only thing you can be truly loyal to.



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