A fashionable affair

Today I have realised my true obsession with fashion. I know a lot of people say they love it and a lot of people follow it but majority don't know their armani from primarni. However, today I was at work. At work in a nursery boutique. The manager of a high end stockist came in and the first thing I noticed was the HUGE Tiffanys rock on her finger. After freaking her out by staring at her hands I then noticed what she was carrying. MY  Chloe bag. (The last 2 months has been spent weighing up the chances of me getting any of the Mulberry of Chloe bags I have blogged about) seeing that in real life helped a lot. THEN just to top it off when it came around to opening her briefcase....MULBERRY....when her purse fell out....MULBERRY. 

I actually felt like crying.

I then somehow managed to move the conversation onto how good it would be if mulberry made pram accessories and how they still have years to make them in time for me to have a baby. 

By the time we had finished discussing how we like our bags to soften and which Mulberry is the nicest 40 minutes had passed.

It is painful.

I need my Chloe bag and I need it now. 



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