Keep it simple.

I know that majority of people believe that a true "Style icon" is somebody with their own sense of style. I do agree with this but I think that there are certain reasons behind this. For example.....

Kate Moss - She has the epitome of rock chick chic style. She is possibly the coolest woman in fashion right now and can never go wrong. For years she has been the cream of the crop with festival wear and people are on the edge of their seats waiting to see her choice of wedding dress for her big day.

From her biker chic leather jacket teamed with super skinny jeans and statement bags.

To red carpet glamour. Moss rules the fashion charts.

However what I dont get it the thought of people such as Lady Gaga have actual fashion sense. She does not wear practical fashionable clothes. Her wardrobe is made from stylists and stage costumes designed to make a statement not to look fashionable. I believe that the true fashion followers are those who can take simple items of clothing and make them look good. It isnt always about being over the top and the first thing people look at in the street. Its about being the person people look at and think "Wow she looks really nice in that" Surely its nicer to pull off something simple in a good way than dress yourself up to the nines just for attention?

Here's my evidence

This is NOT fashion. It is a big faux pas!

Instead look at Whitney Port, she chooses natural make up and a simple blazer and shorts combo and looks like she really knows what she is doing! She takes one item of clothing and gracefully accessories it to look fresh and girly and still stylish. Alongside others such as Olivia Palermo, Lauren Conrad, Rosie Huntington Whiteley and Alexa Chung who wear real clothes for real style.

Skinny jeans and a blazer made stylish is the way to do it. Not by wearing meat or cling film of any other dress Gaga may come up with.



  1. I sort of admire Lady Gaga's fearlessness of wearing such daring outfits, however I would love to see her in a pair of jeans... that would be amazing! i'm not the biggest fan of her music (i'm in no way dissing lady gaga) but i think she has enough talent that she doesn't have to wear slightly 'gimmicky' outfits to get publicity! xx

  2. Yeah thats what I think, I cant help but wander if she would get as much publicity if she didnt dress like that! if she just started dressing normally i bet she would get even more fans xx


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