Now every girl knows how hard it is to find the right pair of jeans. Everybody loves a good skinny, but you have to worry about your legs looking fat or your muffin tops being exaggerated. The boyfriend, although flattering can also be slightly too casual. The straight leg, impossible to wear with the right shoes in summer, the flare, a tad too retro?

Now comes the colour pop. POP. The bright and bold jeans that have hit the world of fashion. My friend even said the other day "I love these jeans but I looked at them and thought, god, im wearing coral coloured trousers"

However I am a lover of the coloured jeans. (Personally im afraid to wear them, although being a size 10 I am the owner of quite the J-Lo ass)

Alexa Chung - As always.

Fearne Cotton is not afraid of the lemon!

Alexa Chung, Fearne Cotton, Nicole Richie, Caggie Dunlop, Clemence Poesy and many many more fashionistas wear this look.....so give it a go because they cant be wrong!



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