Being fired is in fashion?

I cannot believe that one of the breaking news headlines in the fashion world is that the currently fired, racist and lets face it one drink from an alcoholic John Galliano was even given the time of day for rumours of a Topshop collaboration to surface. I heard the rumour a few days ago and was relieved to hear that Phillip Green had personally contacted Vogue UK to set straight that although Galliano had made a good design play by designing Kate Moss' wedding dress, not discussions were held about his come back in fashion being for Topshop.

And why should it be? I understand that Galliano is a credit to the fashion world. Being the designer for Dior for many years and creating lovely pieces,his foot print in fashion will always be around. But as soon as anybody takes for granted their fame and fortune by being offensive and racist surely they loose the right to any more respect, no matter how good their work?

Why not keep and calm and collected persona, or keep of the radar all together. Look at Vera Wang, she creates some of the most beautiful and iconic garments in the world, she is sought after by every celeb bride or ball gown needing red carpet star. What does she do? She keeps her head down, makes friends with her clients, smiles politely at the paps when shes spotted and focuses on creating her dresses. 

That surely is the sign of a true designer?

If Galliano is more interested in voicing his opinion with drunken slurs then maybe fashion is better off without him?

I love Kate Moss and her style but this is just not enough.