Every decision is a hard decision

I realise now that every decision everybody makes is a hard one. I am a bit of an exception for this as I am the most in decisive person ever. But after the last few months of truly horrible events happening in my life I believe that every decision no matter how big or small is a hard one. For example, I have to pay my rent for my flat in  Cardiff without actually living there, my decision to not move in and pay half rent....was a hard one. The shampoo I wanted to buy, £6.00, it took me 15minutes to decided to spend that much money on something when it is literally going down the plug hole. To the extreme of do I go and visit my beloved nan,which heart breakingly this week was for the last time, it took me days to decide and now I could not be more glad.

So how are you meant to balance out these choices? Do you group them all into the same level of decisions or do you split them? Are big decisions more important to spend time on? Or is gut reaction the best way to go?

Personally I just think that every decision is a hard decision.



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