Male intuition

Majority of my blog posts focus on female fashion. But now I thought I would take a look (quite selfish I know) at some of the best dressed men in the celebrity world.

Brace yourself ladies.

For true "Cool" style Tinie Tempah tops my list. His urban style and effortless cool look makes him the ultimate style icon for any urban man!
From red carpet
To slick in the studio.

For a slightly more edgy vibe I choose.....Ed Westwick, the fact that he is Chuck Bass does add to this choice but that is purely because I love him.
His chic and simple black combos give him the look of true effortless style.

For red carpet style it was too hard to pick my favourite, so I decided to pick all of my favourites.
GEORGE CLOONEY. Never has he taken a step wrong on the red carpet,he just gets better with age with his traditional black suits perfectly tailored, never too much but always the perfect amount.
Voted sexiest man in the world, Ryan Reynolds chooses a modern take on the traditional suit. Trading in a jacket for a tailored waistcoat. 
Every girls dream. Here Rob Pattinson sheds his vampire style and transforms into a stylish simplistic man.

Now I know my final choice has made some SERIOUS mistakes with his past style choices. Although I believe that it was actually his wife making the decisions for him. He has now transformed into one of the sexiest and best dressed men on the planted. With his combination of in excusable good looks, amazing tattoos and great clothes David Beckham has my vote of the most stylish male celebrity. 
Look and learn guys. 

No need to thank me ladies.



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