Beauty in Couture.

Now it's not just clothes that can be couture. Because of course to go with couture clothing you need couture make up right? I mean you would never see Lady GaGa in her wacky couture gowns with a simple natural make up look would you? So during fashion week 2011 some of the most amazing make up looks were gracing the catwalks. 



Chanels new lace veils and midnight blue nail varnish.

Now I think that the one person who could rely on natural make up with their designs is Valentino. With stunning designs the need for vibrant and over powering make up is not needed. Instead a more bold natural look is used to emphasise big and beautiful eyes.

I think that this is one of my favourite make up looks to grace the catwalks as, although the make up is still visible, it emphasises the true beauty of not just the models but also the clothes. 



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