The Blirt.

Oh the Blirt! I am so glad that this is one of Autumn Winters hottest trends! After the masculine tailored shirts of summer hit the catwalks and the chiffon feminine blouses did the same, the new season introduces a perfect combination of the two! Finally something that every woman of every single size can wear and look offically good in! With the length and the looseness of the shirt combined with the sheer materials and frills of a blouse, the blirt is every womans must have!

And my oh my are them some beautiful ones to wear!

I know that Chloe is my favourite designer but if any designer is going to master the Blirt it is going to be Chloe.

Jason Wu 


Team it up with skinnies or chinos or even do an Olivia Palermo and wear a chiffon blirt with a maxi skirt for a casual chic look. Whatever you wear it with, just make sure you wear it!



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