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I have started to notice how (although this is a fashion blog) I actually never give away anything about myself. Which I now realise some people may find weird, me ranting on about my opinions with fashion and my dislikes for Cheryl Cole and the Gallaghers (yes still!) Well I am actually quite a boring person. I constantly hope to be one of these amazing fashionistas that come up on This Morning or other tv shows that have become famous for their amazing blogs or style! I have just seen one woman who everyday takes a picture of herself and what she is wearing and posts it on the internet, she is now a style icon.

I started my blog when I started studying International Fashion Marketing at MMU, however my blog is the only thing that has actually kept going since then. I left Manchester after 6 months because....well I hated it. I was quickly becoming known as "The blonde girl that cries all the time" and to be honest I was even getting on my own nerves. The only good thing about Manchester was the people I met. All be it only a few, I have made 2 amazing friends from Cardiff (who happen to be best friends with each other) who I have managed to keep in contact with (THANK GOD) However I think we were bonded by the fact that we all took a while to settle in to life in Manchester, proven by the fact that there is only one of us actually staying in Manchester.

Now however I am moving to Cardiff with my best friend and beginning a new course, Fashion Promotion. I have already found out that I am going to New York fashion week in February which has made me fall in love with the course already!

Style wise I never consider myself to be "stylish" I LOVE clothes, and I mean that. Clothes and fashion is all I have ever been interested in since I remember. However as in a previous post of mine I personally do not believe that crazy style is the best.

I prefer buying my clothes from Topshop and looking more classy and "normal" if you like. I do not want people to stare at me in the street because I would rather be taken seriously with my opinions of others in the fashion world. My dream is one day to be writer of a fashion columnist in a Fashion magazine.

I have had what can only be described as a difficult 2 years, with a combination of splitting from a long term boyfriend, leaving uni, family loss, illness and a lot of other things that im sure everybody goes through. But this time around I have people that I need to make proud so im focused 100% on making sure that university in Cardiff and living with my best friend will give me the kick start I need into finding a dream job .




  1. I agree, good style does not have to mean crazy style! Good luck with the new course & you have a lovely blog :) x

  2. dream job in N.Y / Paris yea? You don't have to ask me, it's ok, of course I'll come with you :) miss you xxxx

  3. Thank you :)xx

    Oh yes Han,Paris will be perfect for my job :)) miss you too! xxxx


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