Enough is enough?

Just when we thought the size 0 fiasco was over, at appears that designers and websites may have just been hiding the size of their models with clever angles or multiple layers? But then looking at the world of famous people, even down to Kate Middleton people are just far too thin!
Now I am well and truly into a size 10, quite possibly a 12 (due to my J-lo ass as my mum calls it) and I fall guilty as being one of those girls who looks in the mirror and thinks "my god im fat" I know every girl feels like that but, I for one am SURE that people would look at me and think im fat. However, I simply try to maintain my weight and feel extremely happy if one week I walk to work more and lose a bit of weight, I live for the day that my mum tells me "youve lost some weight from your legs" or "you look like youve lost a bit" I know it sounds sad and a bit obsessive but it is nowhere near the extent of some people in the media.

So what is it that makes us feel like this? Well I am graced with very pretty and slim friends, with nice clothes and majority of them have boyfriends. But its my obsession with fashion that causes mine. I love looking at how people such as Alexa Chung and Clemence Posey dress but hate the fact that I always feel I could never reproduce their look myself because I would look awful.

It shocked me a couple of days ago to read that a 5 year old girl had been admitted to hospital with anorexia. FIVE years old and she was worrying about her weight because she would hear her mum commenting about her own weight and diet.

Now if hearing things like that can effect a 5 year old it explains why us reading endless fashion magazines and watching endless catwalks and fashion shows will brain wash us into believing we should look like the models on the runway. As much as we think we shouldn't we always do.

One store that always seems to have the back of the slimmer model is Topshop. However with 99% of my wardrobe being made up from Topshop I love it, no matter what. Because although their models may be size 6 or even 4, they do not neglect the normal size girl. They had never used shocking images of ill looking models to promote their stores.

That was until Cody Young.
I mean COME ON, this is not an image of a healthy looking model. Really?! How can clothes look nice on a figure so gaunt? I understand that some people are naturally small framed and may be naturally slim, but with people like Cody Young, who has a job that could influence literally hundreds of young girls its not fair to have her as a face of Topshop.
This shot of Cody Young was made to be removed from the homepage of the Topshop website as she was complained about for looking too thin. Cody has fired back claims of anorexia with statements saying she is naturally thin and has no medical issues. 
Personally I dont think this is a nice face of Topshop.

Grace Small is also a face of Topshop, surely the tiny little bit of extra weight on her frame is a lot more fitting for a retailer aimed at young women?

It could just be me being jealous, but....?



  1. really love your blog :D

    would you check out mine?

    Juls xx

  2. I know this is from quite some time ago, but I still feel bad for Cody that people tell her to put on weight as if she doesn't eat normally as it is :/
    (Both of her sisters are also very thin, it's just how they are)


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