Kings attainable fashion

Now although I don't have one particular style, I am a fan of many different celebrities styles. One of my favourites being Alexa Chung. However, she is usually draped head to toe with Chanel, Miu Miu and Mulberry (which I cannot afford, obviously) BUT in the world of attainable fashion Mollie King definitely rules the fashion stakes. Plus the fact she is dating possibly THE best looking man on the planet!

I think the fact that Mollie dresses like a normal person allows people to believe that in some way they can look like her. I know that sounds odd but after reading that a 5 year old girl got taken into hospital with anorexia I dont think there is anything wrong with a member of one of the countries biggest girl bands giving out the image that dressing off the highstreet and looking stylish!

Plus it obviously works, I mean LOOK AT HER BOYFRIEND!!



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