Winter woolies

I don't know if anybody will actually agree with this but I hate how I have to dress in summer! If its sunny you never know if its hot enough for bare legs or if its too hot for skinnies! If you do go bare leg EVERYBODY else you see seems to be wrapped up like its the middle of winter. Unless it comes to my Topshop tea dresses and gladiator sandals, summer is just too over whelming in the style world. 

Once again the one person who can always pull off Summer wear is Olivia Palermo! Maxi skirts and dresses being the one thing you can always get away with!

So when the winter warmers start coming into stock on the high street, I LOVE it! Topshop this season have some amazing winter jumpers and coats! 

Now all we need is the snow (and some money) and it winter warmer time! 


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