French Sole

A lot of people think a dolly shoe is a dolly shoe right? NOPE! In my opinion wearing the right ballet pumps can make the biggest difference to any outfit!! Now majority of my shoes come from Topshop just because of the good quality and the fact that I get student discount (nobody can deny their love for student discount) But if my bank balance would allow it I know exactly where my flats would come from!

French Sole. Since 1989 they have been making the most iconic and beautiful ballet pumps,dolly shoes whatever you call them. They are completely worth any amount of money! 

Alexa Chung and Sienna Miller are two of the brands biggest fans and my selection of favourites explains exactly why!

Square toes ranging from £80 - £120

I know to the boot or high hell loving eye these probably just look like expensive versions of high street favourites but I LOVE them and think nothing is nicer than a trusty pair of dollies! 


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