Lifestyle on a budget!

As it's been about 6 months since I left Manchester and therefore 6 months of me working and actually having money (for a change) I have enjoyed being able to pop into Topshop and pick up a skirt I see or a pair of jeans I like and not worry about it. HOWEVER in June, when I had to start paying rent for my flat in Cardiff my bank balance went into shock.....empty shock. So now it's only 1 and a half days until me and my best friend move to Cardiff and I am stocking up on my budget beauty buys and clothes.

I have well and truly conquered the lifestyle on a budget!
(Granted a little help came from my dads wallet)

So clothes wise:
I bought my self some of H&M basic t-shirts
However I hate how they model these t-shirts because who nowadays wears a tight fitting basic t-shirt? So I buy mine a size too big and wear it tucked into my skinnies with a scarf. They come in really nice colours and I've invested in a burnt red and mustard colour. £7.99

Same with jeans. I am a fan of the topshop Baxter but at £40 its just not possible for me, so H&M also do nice fitting coloured skinnies, which I picked up in camel and navy for £15!

New look have also popped up on my radar lately being true followers of the "blirt" now this is my all time favourite item of clothing and I have ridiculous amounts of blirts but alongside the student discount they offer I managed to get 3 for £25. Pretty darn good!

Beauty wise its a bit more difficult.

Fake tan. 
For budget fake tan there can be only one name that every girl knows. ST MORITZ!
A home bargains star buy, as soon as you have used this £2.99 tan you will never go back to your St Tropez. It boasts that it uses similar ingredients which I highly doubt it does but who cares! For that price you get a bearable  smelling, lasting dark tan. LOVE IT!

Nail Varnish
Barry M all the way. Although I worship Topshop nail colours, £5 for a bottle is out of my price range. So instead Barry M do amazing colours for £2.99 a bottle. 

So as my student life begins yet again, I revert back to these budget beauties. 
But really it's not that bad!


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