It's back!

So I've been pretty much M.I.A with the blog posts in the last few months. Partly because I've been really busy with uni and settling back in but also because what has actually been happening in the world of fashion?! I know there's always gossip and scandal but there has been nothing ( I believe) that has been particularly worthy of blogging!


Now Christmas has been and very quickly gone it's time to see everybody strutting their stuff in their new Christmas clothes. The festive season is a fashionistas dream! One of the two times of year (the other being birthdays) That you can get new clothes without having to pay for them! Personally this year I was pleased with how much I managed to buy! Thanks to the wonderful world of recession Warehouse launched their 40% sale two weeks before Christmas! Bad for them I know but brilliant for me seeing as i managed to bag myself a blanket coat for £40 instead of £140! Although this early sale could be a sign of bad things to come for Warehouse!

The major disappointment this year (as much as it pains me to say it) was Topshop! For such an on trend and popular store, they had NOTHING! I do understand that my wardrobe is like Topshop's stock room but for the first time I walked into Topshop and back out within 10 minutes empty handed!

It's funny how you're idea of what is nice in fashion changes based on where you are and who you spend you're time with! My mum described me yesterday as going from somebody who wore "pretty dresses" during the day to someone who looks "comfortable" because I have recently bought into the chunky knit jumper and skinny jeans trend. This was an extreme shocker as I am a strong believer that fashion is NOT made to be comfortable. The more uncomfortable you are the nicer you will look.

But yes now my festive rant is over afashionableaffair will officially come back to life!

Prepare yourselves for fashion rants in 2012!!

Merry Christmas!



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