Top of the shops once again

Ok so contrary to my previous rant about being disappointed with topshop over Christmas,after today I can officially say that my loyalty to topshop doesn't stop.....even when I think it has!

After shopping in Cardiff for hours and hours the week before Cardiff I have ended up returning everything that I didn't buy from topshop and replacing it with a new pair of heels, a top and a jacket courtesy of my best friend of shops! The two things I did keep are clothes that are similar to clothes from topshop that were sold out!

Things are getting serious....

Bar Robbie Williams I have no obsession like my obsession with topshop!

Thinking about this it is true that everybody ordinary or famous always remains loyal to one main brand or shop!

Granted that many celebrities endorse brands but think about it....

Blake lively - Chanel
Alexa Chung- mulberry
Charlize Theron - Dior
Pixie Lott - lipsy

And even men, you're always likely to see make celebs donning the same Calvin Klein or Dior suits!

So is it a case of finding a shop that repeatedly manages to fulfil our wants and needs with clothes? Is it the idea that we have to follow the trend? Or is it simply the idea that we are too scared to venture away from anything out of the ordinary?