Talk the talk or walk the walk?

The use of advertising is a big thing within the world of fashion. If anything it is most important for fashion designers and companies to advertise effectively to sell their work to the right market. So this got me thinking what is it that makes a good advert? Do people want weird and quirky? Straight to the point and bold? Words? Music? What is it that people like to watch?

It is both print ad campaigns and TV advertising that helps to promote a brand. So I have come up with a few of my favourites, see if you agree?

The Kooples have one of my favourite print ads, the use couples with obvious style and obvious flare but capture the adverts in a way that are hard to ignore. An advert that completely reflects the type of brand that The Kooples is. They have also just introduced Pete Doherty  into their new campaign, risky but I love it!

The Victoria Beckham for Marc Jacob campaign was also one of my favourite campaigns. The way in which he used Victoria Beckham in quite a light hearted way creates an effective and high end advert.

The use of famous faces always proves to be effective in ad campaigns. (This one for the women) but I know for a fact that every woman out there that watches the H&M advert wants their boyfriend/ Partner to wear those boxers! As silly as it sounds an admirable figure advertising clothes will always entice people.

The same applies with adverts such as Burberry and Chloe, the prettier the models the more chance not only women but men will buy the products. It really as a simple as "Women want to be her and men want to be with her"

However, my question is no matter how good the advert is can a brand really talk the talk and walk the walk? Or is a good advert just the front of a second rate brand?


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