Elie Saab - Making the catwalk beautiful

Elie Saab is becoming more and more worshiped in the world of fashion every day. This was completely understandable when I saw his Spring 2012 couture show. OH MY GOD! This is one collection that made my jaw drop and my stomach churn with jealousy! I've picked some of my favorites for you to see yourselves.

It is couture like this that makes fashion what it is. Beautiful silhouettes, gorgeous materials, delicate embellishments and AMAZING creations. 
I cannot wait to see these gracing the red carpet.

And one more thing...

The show stopper!

No words can describe my love for this dress.



  1. I am completely obsessed with the new collection! Elie Saab's detailing is perfection, and his eye for a colour palette is un-rivalled this season! I truly want it all! [And was going to post about it, but looks like you beat me to it ;-)]

    Lucy x



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