Vogue Festival - The start of something great

Having been the biggest and best selling fashion magazine for years, this year Vogue finally decided to show case how truly amazing it is by holding a two day Vogue Festival. I was lucky enough to attend the first afternoon session on Friday and was completely blown away. Walking into the Vogue tent attached to the Royal Geographic Society you were immediately welcomed into a starch white room overwhelmed by the "Vogue" mirror. Fashion bloggers, photographers and stylist were snapping pictures from every angle thrusting you straight into their wonderful world of fashion. 

When entering into the building after registration you were then left in awe watching some of the biggest brands and names in fashion from Armani and Chanel to Josh Wood colourist working their magic. With the top Armani make up artists teaching fans how to create the perfect smokey eyes, you were then welcome to follow on to allow the Chanel artists to "Red your lips" by finding the best shade of red to compliment your skin tone.

Everything about the run up to the talks was any fashion lovers dream. Everybody drenched in style and loving the vogue cover wall, it was a fashionistas dream.

And just as you thought it couldn't get any better you were lead into the theatre where Dolce and Gabanna were the first to arrive on stage. I never believed that two men who are so iconic in the world of fashion could remain so light hearted, modest and down to earth. Their love and commitment to each other was beautifully obvious and their affection towards their designs and work was inspirational. Not only did they explain the importance of family, love and home in their speech, they also caused ripples of laughter stating that "We don't do this to be rich and famous....we are very rich and very famous but that's not it" After an hour of amazing the audience we were then graced by a panel discussion including the opinions of Mary Portas,Anne Robinson, Pixie Geldoff, Edie Campbell and Laura Bailey. Their blunt and confident views created a whirl wind of opinions from the audience and opened up for some hilarious one liners from the extremely opinionated Mary Portas.

However the true highlight of the day for me was sitting in on Kate Hudson and Stella McCartney having a girly chat. What seemed like an everyday occurrence to the two best friends. They were relaxed and knocking jokes and sarcastic comments back and too to each other, making everybody in the audience feel as though we were all friends. Stella somehow has the most relaxed and idyllic nature about her, being naturally cool. She sat in possibly the most beautiful boots imaginable talking about everything from inspirations to work to babies and her father. Kate Hudson even joked "Now we're both lactating" after hearing a baby cry.

The opportunity to step inside the real world of fashion was one that people only dream of getting. Walking through some of the biggest names in fashion and taking advice and guidance from the biggest designers in the world made my love and determination for my life and work to be in fashion even stronger than before.

Lets hope this festival continues for years to come!



  1. Lucy I'm so jealous of you going!!! I really wanted to but exam stress prevented me :( looks like it was a great day, glad you had a good time!!


  2. wow, that's amazing =)


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