Wardrobe warming

Ok so now the beautiful eruption of spring and summer clothes have hit the catwalks and stores we cannot wait to splash the cash and buy our stunning pastels and floral prints. BUT I have noticed one slight problem.

 The weather!

This global warming is causing me some serious wardrobe warming! I buy my pastel jeans and denim jacket to be faced with snow outside my bedroom window the next morning. I leave my fur coat in my flat to come home and it rains constantly for a month. When I start bringing out the chunky knits, its 20 degree heat.

What's a girl to do!

Luckily next week I am unbelievably excited to be going to Vogue festival, as exciting as it is my first worry comes to "What on earth do I wear!?" I mean sitting in front of Dolce and Gabanna and Stella MCcartney a girl needs to look her best! So I thought what combination of girly and seasonal clothes can we all mix together to create the perfect Spring/Summer/Autumn/Winter outfits?

Every girls must have, the denim shirt.
Team a denim shirt with coloured skinny jeans, add your favorite pair of heeled ankle boots and choose any extra accessories for a bit of extra detail.
The easiest way to work in your pastels into your wardrobe is to use simple tops or jeans that can be mixed up with different colours.

So don't let this season mash up get you down!


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