Can we still be friends?

Ok so Alexandra Shulman has the best job in the world yes? Yes of course she does...being the editor of British Vogue is every fashion lovers dream. Her days are spent learning about and loving fashion, picking out what she feels is the best in the fashion world to help us worshiping fashionistas keep up to date.

She is a genius. A multi tasker and a multi talent. After being lucky enough to witness the huge success she created organising Vogue Festival and being able to see how truly admired by her peers she is I was desperate to read her new book. "Can we still be friends"

Unlike many other names in the fashion world who write books, this amazing read is nothing to do with fashion. It is not Alexandra Shulman telling a story of her life or aiding people into the fashion industry. No. It is a truly heart felt beautiful read about the ups and downs in a girls friendships. It is a story that every woman of any age will read and adore. Every girl who has had the drama of controversy and competition within a friendship group will relate to this book.

With a group of 3 girls leaving university and heading into the big bad world it is easy to see the group dynamics with these three girls, Sal, the aspiring journalist who, with her slightly wild side constantly puts her sucess at risk. Annie, the friend with every intention to get married and live the perfect life and Kendra, the daughter who had been wrapped in cotton wool and was desperate to escape her liberal parents.

It is so inspiring to see one of the biggest names in the world of fashion relate to the everyday girl.

I already have a waiting list of friends ready to borrow!



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