Christian Louboutin - 20 years of design

Christian Louboutin is one of the most recognisable designers in the world. Not only because of his unique background story and his brilliant work ethic, but because of the true genius that is behind every pair of his red soled shoes. Anybody that walks down the street graced with a pair of Louboutins walks with a certain sense of ease and confidence. This confidence comes straight from Louboutins ideas and passion for his designs.

Now after twenty years of breath taking designs, an exhibition is being held in London design museum to celebrate the sketches and designs from twenty years ago to today. Yesterday I was lucky enough to visit this exhibition. 

Immediatly graced with the quirky Louboutin installation outside it was a certain that the magic inside was going to be amazing. 
As you walked up the stairs into the exhibition a wall was covered with the red soles of his designs, darkened rooms were filled with perfectly placed lights beautifully highlighting the aray of shoes on show. 
A carousel was also placed in the corner of the room show casing designs from his "Parisian Patio" to the more spiked and studded fettish shoes. Not only are the shoes breath taking but the way in which they were beautifully presented to adoring fans was stunning.

Walls were covered with the words of wisdom from Christian himself. My personal favorite being his ideas and thought process behind hid fetish collection. 

"Most people see shoes as an accessory to walk in, however some shoes are made for running and some shoes are made for sex. If there was to be just one fetish element in a womans wardrobe I think it would have to be her shoes, even without being stilettos"

Creating un-wearable designs with heels higher than the sole of the shoe or see through bottomed stilettos, the fetish collection offers a whole new world of footwear to women. The photographs featured in the exhibition by David Lynch captured a seedy setting with beautiful women wearing the beautiful shoes. Christian Louboutin takes into account every side of every woman, from the beautiful and feminine outer to the darker more mysterious inner.

All of this was made to be completely perfect by the hollogram strip tease by Dita Von Teese. 
The tease oozed glamour and sex appeal, it created a physical form that complimented exactly what Christian Louboutin wants his shoes to be about. His almost circus like inspiration and his love for all things cute and quirky came across with every step around the exhibition. 

20 years has been a long time and Louboutin just keeps getting better.


"Designing shoes  is magicians work, a shoe should be visible but 
sometimes needs to be invisible"


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