Completely Kardashian

Khloe, Kourtney and Kim Kardashian are currently three of the most successful sisters and business women to come from a reality tv show. Not only are they queens of celeb world, they are also riding high on the style charts. Three very different sisters that dress in three very different ways all know how to rock their looks. However I think that the momma sister Kourtney really owns the classic Kardashian image.

Kourtney is the only baby momma of the clan so far but she knows how to dress. I love her staple pieces of gorgeous blouses or dresses topped off perfectly with her collection of blazers and killer heels.
She never sticks to one colour and is seen wearing anything from block colours to bold prints.
Simple and chic accessorising is one of Kourtneys major musts when she wears any outfit.

Over sized sunglasses add to her glamorous look.

She never fails to accessorise perfectly!

Even down to her hair and make up.

Another often seen accessory with Kourtney is her bright lipstick. Now any bright lipstick can be difficult to pull off no matter your hair or skin colour. However I think Kourtney manages her make up flawlessy.

Good work doll!



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