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We all know how many fashion magazines there are nowadays. Each say the same thing but some say it in a way that can intimidate people, using models that we will never look like and style clothes we could never wear.

So here is my breakdown of the best and most reliable fashion sources, they help guide women through the high street and use the most admired celebrities to model the clothes. These are what makes fashion attainable and lovable.

Glamour Magazine - 
Glamour offers pages of the best high street fashion advice. Alongside advice about everything else. The best thing? Their fashion and beauty pages show you how to re-create the most stunning catwalk styles with high street pieces. They often use people such as Frankie Sandford and Fearne Cotton as their style celebrities.

Asos Magazine
Asos is the worlds most popular online fashion retailer. Not only do they do a paper copy of their magazine but it is also available to read online. They feature the most on trend items and have the most amazing beauty tips. The way in which the magazine is designed and created draws in the exact audience that loves this kind of advice. This is perfect!
Although does focus mainly on luxury brands, it is still the first place to look if you want the most up to date catwalk trends. As soon as the designs are showcased is the first to report. It reviews tips of the trade to re create looks and links you to websites such as lyst which alert people of the best and biggest sales.

So if you're ever stuck for fashion tips or style ideas just give these a browse and 
you'll soon be on your way


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