How to dress like Kate Middleton with very!

How To Dress Like Kate Middleton

There are more than a few things about Kate Middleton that we are allowed to be jealous of. First and foremost, she is married to a Prince. Secondly, she has transformed into one of the most recognizable and loved British style icons of this generation.

If you want to recreate Kate’s classic and elegant look, here are a few tips on creating a wardrobe worthy of snaring a prince, without the royal price tag.

Kate's Blue Dresses

Kate is a fan of garments in a deep, royal shade of blue, as it complements her dark locks and creamy skin beautifully. She wore a sapphire blue wrap dress during her engagement to Wills, and was spotted in a royal blue lace cocktail dress at an event in Quebec, Canada.

To recreate this look, opt for simple wrap-style dresses that reveal some skin while remaining ladylike. These form-fitting evening dresses in bold colours like royal blue or red make a statement while still remaining demure and respectable.

Royal Foot Forward

Some of Kate’s most iconic fashion moments have taken place below the ankle. Wearing her bold, statement colours of red and blue up top, Kate keeps matters simple in the footwear department, often opting for a nude, classic heel.

When she has taken to the red carpet on the arm of Prince William, Kate has also dazzled in jewelled and diamond encrusted stilettos. For more casual affairs you will rarely spot the Duchess of Cambridge without a pair of sling-back wedge sandals.

Unfortunately, we might be a bit stretched to recreate Kate’s diamantĂ© encrusted heels for our next big night out. However, nude stilettos and wedge sandals are much more affordable options for creating a budget wardrobe fit for a princess.

Cute Prints

We often see Kate representing the monarchy at more casual events wearing sweet and form-fitting prints. Polka dots are a particular favourite, which she can pair effortlessly with nude heels and a cardigan or fitted jacket.

This is a great style to replicate on a budget, with most high street retailers offering print designs at an affordable price.

Pencil Skirts

When she isn’t in a stunning gown, Kate is often spotted in a form-fitting and stylish pencil skirt. This feminine and flattering look is taken to particularly royal heights in plaid or houndstooth prints.

Kate generally wears skirts that sit a couple of inches above the knee. These are often paired with a fitted, classic shirt or feminine blouse and a structured blazer or jacket.


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