So I love fashion as you may have guessed. In the world of fashion and fashion media there is one thing that I love about brands marketing their products. TV adverts. Not just any TV ads but perfume adverts in particular. There is something about the extreme and quite often weird ideas that come from the designers of these adverts.

From the raunchy Jean Paul Gautier ads to the playful and pretty Hugo Boss that's sees Sienna Miller playing around simply sat in a chair, all of them equally effective. Now however one has caught my eye, show casing to me one of the best models around.

Although she has been working within famous brands and has been featured in nearly all of the best fashion magazines, sixteen year old Daphne Groeneceld has amazed me with how cheeky, fun and flirty she is in the new Dior Addict advert. I first spotted her recently on the front of Self Service magazine with bright red lips, contrasting what we see in her new advert.

Discovered in Amsterdam over a year ago Daphne has featured in Vogue, has walked in New York and Paris fashion week and has now become the face of the new Dior advert that is played pretty much on repeat in every ad break on TV. She is one of the most admired and adored models in the fashion world and has become increasingly popular for her feminine pout.

It is also quite refreshing in the world of models too see a young girl who actually looks her age, Groeneceld retains her natural and naive image that many young models in the past appear to have lost.

Could this be a sign that the gap tooth is slowly being replaced by the full lips?

Move over Lara! Rosie and Daphne could soon be taking over the modelling world once again!



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