ASOS - A summer of love

Now I've always been a huge ASOS fan! I think partly because they have clothes that not everybody will be wearing and partly because I love waiting for my clothes to arrive in the post because it feels like Christmas day! Being a student the fact that they also offer student discount AND free delivery makes them my true love in the world of online shopping!

This season in particular the ASOS sale has been amazing! I booked a holiday last minute and have 10 days to gather together a whole new holiday wardrobe. (When you haven't been on holiday for 4 years it is actually quite a shock when you see what you use to wear) I immediately hit the website and I was NOT disappointed.

£7!!! YES £7!!

£8!! I could cry with happiness!

There is so much more but im being sneaky and saving them for myself! These three were just the beginning of my ASOS sale shopping. Granted the money I'm spending was supposed to be for food and general survival when I go back to uni but hey...I'm a fashion student these things are necessary right?

But on a serious note ladies and gents, get on and get your sales goodies! They always arrive within three days and they are always gorgeous.

My summer love.



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