Once again Alexa Chung has ruled the style stakes. Here in her Charlotte Olympia flats and floral dress she is still the icon that everybody loves.
On top of it all, Alexa is now featuring in one of THE best TV shows ever. The firmly fashion based Gossip Girl has a new star. Yes Chung was captured making her debut on the set of the Manhattan based show. And in true Gossip Girl style, the "costumes" if you could refer to them as that, are beautiful.
How is that Alexa can transition between the most girly and feminine of looks to the leather wearing, biker image and never fail to look amazing? Looking back over some of her most amazing outfits, I have become even more jealous than I was even at the beginning of this post!
Rocking ankle grazers, high heels and a black leather jacket, Chung embodies everything that is cool. 
Back in 2011 she had managed to team an Isabel Marant jumper, skinny jeans, french sole shoes and a coat from her own Madewell collection to look nothing less than chic.

Whether it is tailoring,shift dresses, high waisted, skinny, boyfriend, high heeled, flat, tapered, flared or lets face it even a bin bag, Alexa rocks every single thing she wears with the up most confidence and charm.

Once you are over the complete love of Alexa's clothes, you reach your high jealousy of her fantastically disheveled hair. How does such a simple cut, look so good?! She has been through numerous small changes with her hair, her biggest taking the chop from her below the shoulders cut to her short bob. Recently she has been seen with her long hair once again,post highlights and dip dye. 

Finally to un-veal her skin secrets. Nobody really ever comments on Alexas skin or make up, simply because her trade mark eye liner look is always flawless on her equally as flawless skin. Her secret? Pawpaw ointment! The Australian brand makes ointments mainly used for burns or scars, but Alexa also uses it as a moisturiser and face mask. She has been reported as saying she hates beauty buffs favorite Elizabeth Arden 8 hours cream and would choose her Pawpaw anyday. 
But hey it obviously works!

So I assume by now you are equally as jealous of Alexa as I am?
Chung we love you!


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