An Education on Fashion

I only really noticed Carey Mulligan when I saw her amazing role in one of my favorite films An Education. I then recognised her for her stunning hair. She is one of the very few famous women in the world who consistently has short hair and wears it with real confidence.
In the style stakes Mulligan never really stood out to me until the last 12 months. Whether it's her new husband or her growing fame, Carey has certainly got the swing of being stylish. So below I have chosen some of my most loved looks worn by Carey, I am truly jealous of how naturally style comes to her.

A Celine tote combined with a simple sun top and maxi skirt, perfect casual chic.
My personal hair inspiration. Here her short blonde crop looks perfect combined with 60's inspired make up.
Simple parisian inspired clothes work well alongside her chic pixie cut.
Colour blocking with 3 different colours here works surprisingly well. Who would have thought that red, yellow and blue would work so well?

What I really love about Carey Mulligan is her transformation from her casual chic day looks to her glamorous and pretty red carpet or evening looks. She never fails to combine the perfect dress, hair and make up when she hits the red carpet.

Smoky eyes look lovely against this pleated lace dress.

The shoes are to die for complimenting her mustard yellow dress.
Carey's hair is styled in one of the nicest ways I have seen it in this photograph. I love the dress and the colour. The only down side to this is that personally I would never have team pale lilac with black tights and shoes! Never the less she some how seems to pull off the look.

This Vionnet leather shift dress is my favorite look of Carey's so far. For a woman who plays such feminine and delicate rolls in her films, I think it is nice to see her wearing something that gives her a slight edge. This is also another plus to her cropped hair as she can style it for a more punky look.

It appears to me that Carey has truly had an education with fashion over the last few months!



  1. wow. the outfits looks amazing! find your blog very interesting and good <3


    1. Aww thank you :)
      She has great taste doesn't she?


  2. Wow! She is sooo stylish!! :)

    1. She is isn't she? Wish I could clone all of her clothes! xx

  3. lucy, you ARE carey mulligan xxxx

    1. Haha some major hair inspiration comes from her! xxxx


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