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Hey guys! So two days without blogging has been the longest I have been! I've been back down in Cardiff starting my new job in H&M. Which thankfully is really good! Lovely people and store!I really love the fact that we don't have to wear uniform either, everybody that works there is allowed to express their own individual style, which is VERY rare when you're working in retail. 

So yeah, me and my best friend/flatmate/none related sister and I went down to check out our lovely little flat and chill out. As a bit of a round up I thought I would post about my beauty/interior/clothing purchases of the week.

Interior wise I have gone mad this week! Living with an interior design student is perfect when it comes to me wanting to spruce up my room. Lately Next has had the most beautiful home ware. I decided to turn my room from pink and flowers ( which is the running theme through our flat) to red and cream, still fitting in with my vintage love. So here are some of my best picks from! 

These are my top distressed wood picks which is my favorite style of the moment!
This gorgeous picture frame is only £8.
For £12 this clock is adorable! It is quite small but perfect if you have a more delicately decorated room.  
For little added extras use things such a these hanging hearts to add extra comfort to your room.
These are so adorable! They all come separately so you can mix and match the order.
This (as sad as it may sound) is AMAZING. The kettle is ceramic and therefore looks like an adorable tea pot. So cute!

  Just looking at these kind of sums up how our flat looks at the moment, over whelmed with cute plaques, hearts and flowers. 


Beauty wise I have been painting my nails with a bit of a princess theme. Using a combination of 3 Barry M products. It did take 3 coats of each colour and especially the glitter polish. I have had loads of compliments about the colour combination and especially the glitter! The good point to glitter polish is that it is good for any time of the year. During the summer I tend to wear bright colours teamed with silver or pink glitter whereas for the Christmas period I go for red and gold. 


Style wise I have  had a bit of a quiet week simply because I have been busy working and trying to earn the money to feed my un-healthy shopping obsession! But I have made 2 purchases that I am very happy with!
Available here form Missguided -
This top is stunning! It looks amazing online and even better in real life. The colour is much more vibrant in real life but still just as cute. Teamed with jeans, shorts or skirts this is going to carry me through from summer to winter with no worries.

This stunning ring is made up of stackable rings with a bow,heart and flower and make an adorable collection.They also match my nails perfectly! Missguided jewelry is SUCH a good price and it doesn't turn your fingers green which a lot of my other high street jewelry does.  Get them here -

So as you can see this week my life has been fun and filled with flowers and pretty, pretty things! I am so relieved that I finally have a job and can start buying in my Autumn/Winter wardrobe!



  1. Love that top amazing colour :)

    Jess xo

  2. I absolutely love that top, it looks really nice on you!

    Shan x

    p.s. if you fancy it, check out my blog. I'm newish and would love any feedback x

  3. aww these items are so cute! thanks for your lovely comment on my blog, i'm your newest follower on gfc! please visit me and see if you want to follow too? i think you'll like my outfits, thanks!

    1. Thank you :)
      I've followed you on gfc too!
      Love your blog!


  4. Nice blog


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