Countryside confusion

So the sun is shining once again today and I spent the afternoon chasing my dog around my Granddads farm. Well as best as I could. When I was little I would spend hours and hours at my Nan and Granddads house, climbing over tractors and rolling around in mud not caring about how I looked or who was around. My parents would drop me off squeaky clean, dressed head to toe in my Next outfit...they would pick me up covered in mud and paint wearing wellies and a pinny.

Oh how things have changed. Today I realised how I will NEVER fit in on a farm again, simply because of the fact that running up and down the field had me more concerned about getting my maxi skirt muddy, my hair being messed up or the dog treading on my shoes. Yes I know it sound shallow but the last 10 years fashion has consumed my life. 

So here I am, im-practical form head to toe. Warehouse maxi skirt, Nelly top, Topshop flats and Topshop denim jacket. I can always see my Granddad looking me up and down and muttering in his head "I have no idea what these girls wear nowadays" bearing in mind he now buttons his trousers through his cardigan to keep his trousers up (which is actually a very clever idea) 

Oh well I guess Cardiff will always have me.
I'm getting the feeling I am a city girl slightly lost in the country.



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