Ever so Pinteresting

I'm sure I am not the only person COMPLETELY obsessed with Pinterest now! It amazes me how such a simple idea of a website that consists of beautiful images of pretty much anything can become so addictive. I have realised how it has really helped me on quite a few levels! Being a Fashion student I am always on the hunt for new and interesting things and (as you can probably tell from my blog) I don't really like pushing pictures of myself or what I am wearing on people unless they are relative to my post. So with Pinterest I think it is easier to take elements of images and pictures of peoples style to adapt in your own way.

Personally I have always been one of those people who doesn't actually like people copying the way I dress, I love reviewing clothes and suggesting how people can create their famous style icons looks rather than forcing my personal style on others. 

This is how Pinterest is perfect! It balances the right amount of style with the right amount of other interesting images. Whitney Port is a known lover of Pinterest and her use of the website is obviously used as inspiration within her designs, her outfits and her life. 

So if you are not yet a Pinterest member, I have used some of my favorite pins and pictures I have found to lure you in!

Winter Wardrobe
My winter wardrobe is one of my prize possessions however this year I found myself struggling to decide the direction I wanted to go in. how I wanted to style myself. So here are some of my must haves. The good thing is some of the pictures are of products I actually own which is really lucky!
Over sized knits
Heart applique jumper. This was actually customised and added to Pinterest which is really cute.
The combination of the over sized parka, chunky knits and large bag is a must have!
Brogue boots and ankle socks, LOVE.

Mens Style
Once again my love for mens style has formed a packed board for me on Pinterest. Guys if you read this don't be afraid to use Pinterest for some inspiration. 
Knitwear, shirt, and the best combination of accessories looks amazing here.
Distressed jeans and a plain tee.
Or rock it out a little with smart trousers, a leather jacket and a skinny tie for smart chic.

Inspirational Words
For some inspiration and quotes to make you think, Pinterest is the place to go. So take the time to look through them. My main love for these actually came from following Whitney Port and her boards as she always has such a positive attitude.
Not only is this quote cute but I love the pattern and colours.

Best Friends. What would you do without them hey?

So whether you are a full fledged pinterest member or if you are yet to jump on the band wagon I hope that this little taster will get you intrigued. Some of the most amazing designers and stores in the world rely on Pinterest as inspiration. Upload your own images or repin others but whatever you are looking for I am positive you will find on here. 

It is all very, very PINTERESTING (sorryyy)



  1. This did actually make me really intrigued to found out what Pinterest is, and by the sounds of it, it seems alright! I will definitely be having a look at that.

    Shan x

    p.s. I love all the knitted clothes you posted, huge fan of over-sized knits!

    1. It's adorable! You'll go on once and be hooked I promise lol



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