Get a little bit Miss-Guided

Before I start this post I just have to say one thing, YAAAY IT'S SUNNY!!!! (For today anyway)

So yesterday I went back to Cardiff for the day and had a few hours to kill whilst I was there. I spent my time wandering around the shops because I realised that I wasn't really up to date with what Autumn/Winter trends are. For me I am always up to speed with these things and this is the first season it seemed to slip out of my reach. But once I was all caught up I fell in love with the army and heritage trends that are hitting the catwalks. Of course as you know catwalk prices are not always affordable for poor little students such as me. Now I headed straight for Topshop. This season they do have some of the best styling I have seen for a long time, I love Topshop and I think it will always be my first go to place. However, the prices on certain items do prove to be a little steep (could just be my opinion) but I have seen a lot of similar products on Miss-Guided. So here is my list of Miss-Guided must haves.

This jacket is bang on trend combining the khaki jacket with leather sleeves. £45.99!
Find it here -

Denim shorts are always a must and these are even better because they have me favorite thing STUDS.
Find them here -

This crew neck jumper is adorable! It is covered with little skulls and comes in grey and black! So cute!
Find it here -

Finally for winter nights out this gorgeous peter pan collar dress is SO cute. Best of all it is a bargain! £16.99
Fine it here -

Ladies it's a great website with on trend and fashionable clothes. If you love quirky and pretty style then Miss-Guided is the place for you to be shopping! Take a look and see if you can find any gems!



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