Introducing the new world of online shopping

If you read my blog you will probably know that I am a huge fan of ASOS. As far as online shopping goes, ASOS has really been in a league of it's own since it was launched. Selling a range of products for both men and women as well as beauty products, it was hard to see how any other company could ever rival this.

BUT now ladies and gentlemen I introduce to you the new realm of internet shopping. Nelly is a Swedish based clothing company that launched in 2004 focusing on beauty and fashion. Unlike others Nelly sells over 750 different brands ranging from their own brands to more high end and luxury brands.

Below is a list of just some of the brands they sell just to give you an idea of how amazing this site is -
- Calvin Klein
- Lee Stafford
- Saddler
- Missoni
- Twenty8Twelve
- Mischa Barton
- Ed Hardy
- Ray Ban
- Levi
- Just Cavalli 
- Boss

And on top of all this they confidently sell their own brands producing ranges of swimwear, underwear, clothes, shoes, bags, accessories and make up. Trying to break into the UK is going to be difficult for a store running in line with competition that is already so strong, personally however I think that Nelly is set to blow the others away. Unlike other big names in online shopping, Nelly aim to connect with their customers, running events across the world for stylists, bloggers any any other fashion lovers. They promote their clothes and products with confidence and want the customer to explore and find their pieces for themselves. 

Another thing that stands out to me with Nelly, is the styling and choice of clothes they sell. The outfits are styled completely differently to any other website showing a whole new way of styling and wearing clothes.

Nelly is going to be the first no pressure online store. If you love being unique and standing out in a crowd look no further than 

Personally I LOVE IT!

P.s Keep an eye out on my blog, I have a selection of purchases from Nelly that I am going to review for you all to get an idea of how great this website is. I have received  my picks today and will post reviews on make up, shoes, clothes and accessories over the next coming weeks.



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