What you need to know about mens swimwear!

Choosing what to wear on the beach and around the pool canbe difficult for both men and women and is a decision not to be taken lightly.Whilst there is a wealth of literature offering advice for women on what tolook for when buying swimwear, there is considerably less advice in circulationfor men.
To help you get your choice of swimwear right, here is asimple yet helpful guide to men’s swimwear.


Casualness exudes sexiness, particularly when it comes to mensswimwear. It is not too difficult to achieve a casual look on the beach asthere is a wide range of swimwear for men that can be placed in the casualcategory.
Board shorts – sometimes referred to as ‘boardies’- forexample, can certainly be deemed as a casual choice of men’s swimwear. Beingdurable, quick drying and stylish, board shorts have always been a popularstyle of swimwear amongst male surfers. Being ultra-comfortable, loose fittingand much more modest than the likes of thongs and trunks, ‘boardies’ alsoprovide the perfect choice for those planning to play popular beach games suchas volleyball and handball. They’re also perfect for those who intend to explorethe cliffs and rocky inlets surrounding the beach.
A general rule of thumb is that the taller you are thelonger you can afford to have your board shorts. Men who are over six foot lookgood in longer length ‘boardies’, whilst shorter men look better in shorter varieties.

Serious swimming

If your choice of men’s swimwear is focused primarily onswimming as opposed to other activities or just looking good, you are likely tobe interested in purchasing a pair of trunks or even water shorts.
Trunks have been a popular choice of swimwear for men formore than fifty years and their popularity shows little sign of abating. Being short and fitting snugly to the body,trunks don’t hamper you or become a hindrance when you are swimming, unlike otherbaggier types of swimwear which can have a tendency to do so.
Similar to trunks, water shorts are also designed with themore serious swimmer in mind. Comprising of an elasticised waist and an insidemesh liner, water shorts are ultra-comfortable and don’t run the risk ofexposing anything whilst you swim! Being snugly fit and supportive, men canswim with greater ease, peace of mind and comfort all provided thanks to onesimple item of clothing.


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