Nelly Natural eye kit review

Ok so you may have to bear with me on this one because this is my first real beauty review. Luckily I have received some samples from Nelly to review and being a fan of natural make up, this set appeared to be perfect. Nelly sell their own range of make up that comes packaged in very cute and girly boxes (which lets face it is a big selling aspect)
With the image and design of the packaging being quite modest I think the make up becomes a lot less intimidating. Some companies over power their products almost forcing the customer into feeling over whelmed if they aren't completely sure how to use it. This however offers a simple way of suggesting possible ways of combining the different eye shadows. 
Below was one of my favorite things about the product. I think it always make a huge difference with a product when something slightly quirky is added to the design. Any woman that is constantly buying make up or trying new and different things wants a reason to keep going back to a certain brand. Being able to open your make up bag and see this pretty floral box as well as the adorable little quote on the reverse of the box is a massive plus with this palette. This is on both the main outer box and the palette itself.

When it comes to eye shadows I have always had a bit of a problem with palettes that combine different shades and colours in the same pot. This is (I think) just a weird personal preference that I have thought in the past it cheapens the look of the make up. HOWEVER with this palette I was completely shocked by how beautiful and well matched the collection of colours are. 

With the choice of 9 different shades of similar colours, there was no competition between the colours. Instead they all complimented each other and made it quite easy to picture how to use the shades combined together. As well this this the compact came featuring a mirror and double ended brush. In my mind the colours appear to be separated from left to right. The left hand side being a delicate daytime look. The center a slightly heavier daytime to evening look and the right hand side a night time glam look.

Today I chose to combine the first two columns, this is mainly due to the fact that I have been on holiday and have a tan. Using shadow that is too light tends to make me look like I've been sunbathing with sunglasses on as it leaves white rings around my eyes. So to begin with I used a base on my eye lids ( I chose my Bobbi Brown corrector) I have to use this as I often have quite red eye lids. (Im not sure why but when you have eyes as big as mine it's necessary to try and cover up any flaws.) 

- I then chose the camel coloured shadow from the first column to use as an all over base colour. The shadow does have a slight shimmer to it which is quite nice against tanned skin. I did begin by using my own eye shadow brush, however the shadow didn't appear to take to the brush overly well. This explained why the set comes with it's own make up brush because once I had switched the colour came out perfectly. 

- To deepen the colour slightly I then switched to the darker shade of camel to use in the crease and to line underneath my eyes. I really liked this as it gave a deeper, richer colour than I normally wear during the day. Once again it also really complimented tanned skin. 

- As a highlighter I used the white shadow just under my brow bone and in the corner of my eyes to make them look bigger and brighter. 

- Finally just to add slightly more colour I used the darkest grey out of the palette on the far outer edges of my eye lid. This worked quite well once it was blended in and added a subtle darkness to the rest of my eye. 

To complete the look I added two coats of my new Number 7 lash adapt mascara and curled my top lashes to open up my eyes a bit more. My brows are also filled in with a rimmel brown eye brown pencil and they went a bit blonde whilst I was on holiday.

For somebody like me who tends to wear minimum amounts of make up during the day and stick purely to smoky eyes for evenings I found this Nelly natural eye kit really easy to use. All of the colours compliment each other and any combination can be used to create different levels of intensity of colour. The brush  that comes with the set is also extremely useful as it helps with the application of the shadow, making it thicker and more intense than when I had used my own brush.

For £11 in comparison to some of the already established and well known brand son the market this is a perfect bargain.



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