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Hello everyone! So today I am finally going to review my beautiful clothes I was lucky enough to receive from Nelly. As I have said in previous posts Nelly is an online store that originates from Sweden and is now moving to the UK as well.

A few plus points about the website and brand to begin with:
- The website is really easy to navigate your way around.
- The models are all healthy weights and sizes to give a true look of the clothes.
- The range of designers and brands sold is amazing.
- Prices are fantastic!
- The look book and inspiration pages are really helpful with inspiring ideas
- The styling is STUNNING!

So here goes, can I just apologise for the disgusting pictures of me (I hate having my picture taken but you needed to get a true idea of what they clothes look like, hence why I look terrified)

Now when I was asked to review these samples, I was lucky enough to pick the clothes myself. At the time the weather was actually summery so I opted for an outfit that I would wear for summer evenings or drinks. A combination of classy top, pretty shorts, killer heels and beautiful clutch.

I thought that for a summer outfit loose fitting shorts and tops are probably best, I am also a size 10 who prefers to wear size 12's (Don't ask me why it's just a weird thing I do) One of my least favourite things about women's clothing is that each item may be the same size but a completely different fit. 

When it comes to tops I am a fan of the blouse/shirt and this stood out to me straight away. The material is really light and not at all static, also what is so brilliant about this top is that (unlike many) when you have been sat for a while the material does not crease at all. I had proof as just after I had this picture taken I went out for a meal and squealed with delight when I stood up and saw I was crease free. Now in the past I have spent a lot of money on a lot of shirts that just were not worth it! There's nothing worse than buying something you really love, getting it home, wearing it and it looking like ten people have worn it before you. I got this in a medium as I like my tops to be really lose fitting. Under the arms fit well and the buttons could do up right to the top comfortably. This would also be a perfect winter night out outfit combined with black skinny jeans or a skirt.

Find it here -

Next came the shorts. I must admit that when I looked at these on the Internet I was really excited to get them. When they arrived I was kind of surprised that they had an elasticated wait band. I was put off until I tried them on. Then not only do I think they were a perfect fit but they are SO comfortable!!! They literally feel like my running shorts but look like going out shorts. I was a happy happy girl! I have a lot of different blouses that would also go with these shorts. On top of that due to the mix of colours in them, you can wear pretty much anything with them! On the Nelly web site their amazing stylists have teamed the shorts with a pastel pink basics t-shirt, that would never have entered my mind but it actually looks amazing! Once again I got these in a medium but probably would have got away with a small.

Find them here -

The icing on the cake came when I opened my shoes. OH-MY-GOD. These beautiful beautiful creations are amazing! Yes the heels is 14.5cm high (terrifying for me as I am bambi on ice) with the platform being 4.5cm but my oh my they are stunning. The colour is perfect for summer as they go with everything. I think that heeled, wedge sandals are perfect for summer evening outfits, these are a real investment piece. They are durable, hard wearing and the material is great quality. For someone like me who isn't exactly graceful on their feet (especially in heels) the balance between the heel and platform height makes the shoes incredibly comfortable and easy to walk in. With the added support of the ankle straps they are all round brilliant. Plus they look great against tanned legs!

Find them here -

Accessories wise I am really fussy. Ever since I had my Michael Kors watch for my 21st my wrist has been dominated by it every day. So for me to wear anything that means me not being able to wear my watch is a big deal. When I was browsing for my samples I came across the most beautiful ring and bracelet. The two are attached by a chain that sits delicately in the middle of your hand, I love it! It makes a perfect accessory for daytime of evening and can dress up even the simplest outfits. 

Find it here -

To finally finish this lovely outfit I chose this dark brown faux leather clutch bag. For a bag that looks quite small at first look it turns into a bit of a Mary Poppins bag when you start putting stuff in it! It also comes with a handy little hand strap attached to the corner so it is impossible to drop. The bag does up with two magnetic poppers disguised by the two buckles on the outside. There is also a handy little zip pocket on the inside for your essentials! Once again perfect for pretty summer outfits.

Find it here -

Although my items were sent as samples from the delivery was also ridiculously fast as the items did come from Sweden. They took less than a week to arrive and with some websites that are based in the UK taking longer than that in the past I was really impressed. The packaging of the products is simple and classy and everything was wrapped and protected so they all arrived in perfect condition!

Thank you Nelly!



  1. I love those shorts and those shoes! :o Do they ship to Canada? Thx for introducing me to the brand Xo

  2. Thank you :) They only ship within europe at the moment because they're quite a new brand. They do have plans to broaden their shipping though!
    No worries!

    Love your blog!



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