The sun has got it's hat on

So the sun is out today and I am currently sat in my back garden, drinking my white tea with elderflower (which by the way is the nicest herbal tea I have ever tasted) after shopping for some home ware for my little flat. For a change it is actually quite close to being un bearably hot, but I am a sunny worshiper so it's never QUITE too hot. 

What I have noticed about this weather is that it completely confuses people! Personally living in rainy old Wales for majority of the year, we don't expect to ever have nice weather. For example, when I moved down to Cardiff last year my suitcases contained rails and rails of clothes. All of them jumpers, jeans and blouses. No sun dresses, skirts or sandals. Why? Because I never thought I would see the day that the sun came to Cardiff and be hot enough that jeans were not ok.

The last two weeks of term and what happened? Mini heat wave. So here I am, as we speak, blogging and sun bathing all in one.

My outfit today consists of - Playsuit by Henry Holland, Ellise Vintage ring (my right hand) , Topshop ring (my left hand), Michael Kors watch, Jeepers Peepers cat eye glasses and my trust converse which you cant see. So overall a pretty straight forward outfit.

So what baffles me with this  hot weather is how people panic. I mean seriously hit panic mode and forget how they dress. Living in a small town, when I am home from Uni I tend to see the same people walking around day to day. But today I noticed a few trends going on in my town. 

Girls around 14 - 17 ALL wear the combination of high waisted denim shorts, vest tops, HUGE hair, thick eyeliner and vans. This is no exaggeration I mean EVERY SINGLE ONE.
There is a lack of girls my age so I'll skip that.
Women over the age of 30 seem to rely on combat trousers and vest tops, or some form of linen trouser teamed with flip flops.
But the men worst of all seem to come out in their hundreds in cropped sports trousers and tank tops! I've never really understood the whole concept of cropped tracksuit bottoms, are they long shorts or short trousers? Are they sporty or chavvy? I will never quite get it.

So I have styled up a few outfits, just as a bit of summer sun-spiration if you like! Now I'm not for  a second claiming that I know better than anybody else and this is a personal opinion but just see if you agree, that there is a way forward from the cut offs!

Simple t-shirt, rive risland shorts, ray bans and Converse. Much more appealing?
Teaming any simple t-shirt with your staple pair of shorts is never going to fail. (Unless you wear them too tight and start looking 'creepy sick' like Joey Essex)

Now for the ladies (this is sort of aimed at ages 17+) because this outfit can be adapted to suit your age, I have included a few more items than for the guys. A maxi skirt if perfect for this country and will carry you from day to night. This one is from Topshop and is stunning in real life too. An over sized jumper will also work with a maxi skirt as an evening cover up, go for loose fit all over and keep the boho look going, this featured jumper is rag&bone, they do the best basics but they are quite pricey. stock the brand 'Three little words' and this bralet is amazing, with a zip up the front it is simple enough to not over power the look (Find it here - Of course you will recognise the ring as Ellise vintage and the smaller arrow ring from Missguided. 

So these are just my ideas about summer fashion. But I would love to see everybody elses ideas too! Let's just keep out fingers crossed that the sun stays out to play!



  1. hellooo!
    i really like the jumper and the skirt!
    also, you have really nice hair. i wish i was brave enough to chop all mine off too.
    hope to speak soon,
    laura x

  2. Hii
    Aww thank you! Yeah it took me a few years to pluck up the courage!
    I'll check out your blog :) xxx


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