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Hi guys, so I realised lately that not a lot of fashion blogs take into account the poor guys out there, lost in fashion world. It's easy enough for us girls to log onto each other blogs or instagrams or simply chat about what we should wear. But what about the guys? Now I have a lot of male friends but don;t ever go clothes shopping with them, purely because men and shopping never mix well in my eyes. It's been years since I've had a boyfriend and if I take my dad shopping I end up suggesting clothes that I think would work on a 22 year old not a 50 year old. So I have decided to give the confused style guys of the world some tips. Many may think girls don't know how to dress guys but believe me, I spend equally as much time looking at men's style as I do women's.

There is something about men's style that interests me. Designers such as Stella McCartney focus on using male tailoring in her designs creating some of the most beautiful blazers and jackets for women. I do also love the world of celebrity male style. Every time David Beckham is photographed I immediately want to find out what he is wearing and where it is from. One of my favourite designers, Henry Holland always interests me with his style. Then there are of course the complete opposites, Liam Gallagher designing his Pretty Green brand, to begin with this completely confused me, but the more I go into the traditionally British store in Cardiff I fall in love with his designs over and over. 

So whether you are a girl shopping for your boyfriend or a guy simply in a style rut I am here to offer some advice, take a look.

David Beckham. Guys have to admit if they could be him, they would (possibly with a happier wife) but never the less. His style is always chic, simple and stylish. Combining a nice fitting pair of jeans, a clean and fitted t-shirt with a decent pair of shoes will always be a winner. This look can be re-created here:

T-shirt -
Jeans -
Shoes -
Sunglasses -
Keep accessories simple and stylish. Don't try too hard to look stylish or it will be way too obvious.

If you like to experiment a bit more with you're clothes, for example if you are a bit more of a Henry Holland than a Becks there are plenty of choices out there for you too! Don't be afraid to wear what you want to wear!
Henry Holland is NOT afraid to stand out from the crown with his choice of clothes. (Personally I am not a fan of the whole skinnies and no socks look but it's growing on me) Holland simply oozes style and wears anything with confidence. 

Get this look here - 
Shoes -
Jeans -
Shirt -

I think one thing that guys should also take into account is that when you are wearing simple combinations like jeans, t-shirt and shoes or shirts and brogues etc. It is always worth spending that extra little bit of money, it makes all the difference and turns your buys into investments rather than snap decisions.

If you're more of a jeans and t-shirt guy, make sure you are keeping the t-shirts fresh by picking the right colours/slogan and not putting anything offencive across your chest (people don't tend to appreciate anything to do with boobs or naked girls...unless it's another guy)

Max from The Wanted is always seen looking dapper with stylish t-shirts. So I have picked a few of the best from the high-street. Topman are always good for t-shirts but be careful you don't pick something that every other guy is going to be wearing. Urban outfitters are great for music and edgy t-shirts if you have a bit of flare. Pretty Green produce the most simple but stylish tees and have also started stocking and selling some good buys. 

A small personal opinion for me to add here is that there is something about men wearing stripes. I personally LOVE stripes, I don't know if other girls will agree but there is something just something right about them.

On an ending note on my men's style post, I wanted to highlight an issues that many men and younger men have asked me about in the past. I don't know if it is a confusion of style or simply too much choice but it appears to be difficult for men to choose their winter coats. I know a lot of men that don't really wear one (crazy) but I can understand why it is difficult for a guy. I mean use girls we are either a leather jacket girl, parka girl, military girl or fur coat wearer. Or if you are like me you have all of them ready for your mood and style to suddenly change over night. So guys I have chosen a few coats and jackets from Nelly, simply because they stock such a huge number of designers that you will have the pick of hundreds of coats. Here are a few different style you could go for:

The Parka - you don't need to channel your inner Gallagher to be able to pull of the parka. This is a staple coat that will go with anything else in you wardrobe.
Find this one here -

The Trench coat -
 You would probably only wear this if you are
 a bit of a city slicker or really confident
 to stand out from the crowd. This is a 
coat for the style conscious guy.

The Barbour wearer- 
This is probably one of the most worn jackets by men. The Barbour style jacket works with every style and is also practical because they are actually warm and water proof. This one also comes with a detachable hood! 
Find it here -

So ladies and gents, ladies buying for gents or just gents looking to treat yourselves. Have a browse around for style tips and don't be afraid to try and new look for the new season! If a brand designs it, people can wear it!



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